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A Message From Rev. Michele Ewers
Present Pastor of the Cressey Road UMC and Former Pastor of the Blackstone Valley UMC

I must confess that as a member of the clergy, I was not familiar with the Southern New England Emmaus community when I was first appointed to the Blackstone Valley UMC. What quickly became apparent however, was the fact that many members of that congregation had gone on the walk! I then became even more aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence when I learned how many of these folks held leadership positions and passionately supported their church.

After I was at BVUMC for a while, I began to feel like I needed to attend the Walk to Emmaus just to see what it was all about! I must confess that the weekend changed my ministry in more ways than I can name! The 72 hours strengthened my relationship with Jesus, refueled my passion for ministry, and instilled in me a whole new appreciation and love for the laity of our various churches. I thought my walk was a wonderful, life changing experience, yet I soon learned that there was more to come.

Serving on an Emmaus team as a spiritual director for a number of walks filled me with awe as I experienced God’s continuing movement in my life, the lives of other team members and the lives of the pilgrims. I believe that all clergy should consider participating in the Walk to Emmaus.

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The Walk to Emmaus experience is a powerful antidote to Christian lethargy. It provides the spiritual nourishment that is propelling or sustaining a variety of self-giving Christian actions within our churches and the community.

Charles Frasier,
Co-District Lay Leader, Central MA 

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While I’ve always been active and involved in the life of my Church, the Walk to Emmaus has been one of my most fulfilling experiences. Emmaus helps enhance a person’s leadership in the Church and gain a living closer relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Johnell Norton, Certified Lay Speaker & Staff Parish Relations Committee   Asbury UMC, Warwick RI

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The Walk to Emmaus can be, and is in most cases, a life changing event.  I like to compare it to a light switch.  Sometimes when you flip the switch, the light shines to its fullest, while other times there is a dimmer on the switch.  When the switch with the dimmer is flipped, the dimmer must be adjusted until the light is at its peak.  On Sunday evening as I left the conference room, I did so with the knowledge that all I had been taught was affirmed.  God did love me, there was nothing I could do or say to change that, God wanted a personal relationship with each of us, and I had a responsibility to go out and spread that message.  Gradually, as I traveled on my faith journey, that dimmer kept turning until the light from my switch was at full brightness.

It doesn’t matter what kind of “switch” we are equipped with, just as long as we reach full brightness and let that light shine on all we meet so that we can send people out into our churches to be strong leaders, spreading Christ’s message of peace and love. The Walk to Emmaus has helped me not only to get my “dimmer” to full brightness, but to bypass that switch altogether leaving me with a bright light to bring out into the world.

Donna Moody, Former Co-Director, Southern New England Emmaus